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Racer Worldwide is a creative team with passion to art, design and fashion, with last being its main output at the moment. Since 2017 the team has gained experience in fields like videography, photography, art and graphic design.

The project is not tied to any certain subculture or aesthetic and is a dynamic reflection of current youth culture as a whole. Our goal is to be recognised as a design and art force both among professionals and in masses. Project does not tie itself to certain subcultures or styles and is a dynamic reflection of youth fashion. The team consists of 5-6 permanent members.

We are waiting for everyone who is interested to visit our studio which is located in Tallinn, Toompuiestee 30. You can visit our studio to make the purchase or to see products by messaging us and arranging an appointment.

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Legal name Sildreklaam OÜ. Toompuiestee 30. 10149