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Modular® Harness Vest

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Modular® Harness Vest made with Technical fabrics. Reflective 3M™ logo. Adjustable belt system with woven Racer® logo. Breathable vest base. Exclusive laser engraved black on black monogram fabric. 6 compartments. Pockets are detachable and interchangeable. Racer® logo zip pullers. Modular® 1L Pouch included. Velcro 2.0.

Can be combined with Modular® bag when desired via harness on front and on the back. Up to 2x Modular® 1L Pouches or 1x Modular® 2L Shoulder Bags can be attached.

Made in Racer Lab Studio.

Material: 100% Nylon. Cordura™.


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